In the railway sector, it is essential to carry out infrastructure inspection and maintenance tasks in order to ensure safe and efficient railway operation. In general, it is the infrastructure manager (the entity owning or directly managing the track) who must carry out these tasks in order to guarantee a contractually agreed standard, while the


Currently, Chile is the second largest producer of salmon in the world, after Norway. The two main species cultivated in this country are Atlantic (Salar) and Pacific (Coho) salmon, requiring a production cycle of approximately 3 years when, due to the anadromous nature of the salmon, two stages are identified: freshwater and saltwater.


Chile’s wine industry has experienced sustained growth over the last few decades, becoming one of the main players in the global wine trade, with exports to over 109 countries across 5 continents. At the country level, both grape and wine production is concentrated in two regions: the Maule region and the O’Higgins region, with annual


In Chile, conveyor belts are the main mode of transport for granular and bulk materials in large volumes, such as minerals or coal. Their presence is essential in mining and port areas due to the large amount of material that needs to be moved and transported.  Conveyor belts are a transport system formed by a

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